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Our Story

Some say that the idea for inexpensive Odd Duck compression socks came from an enthusiastic discussion among friends about choosing between two diverging roads. Others say Odd Duck was conceived by our dislike with an overpriced, uncomfortable pair of compression socks.

What we do know is that Odd Duck’s Canadian pond was dug out of a passion for making a difference in people’s everyday lives and improving an essential article of clothing with a misconception that it’s only for ‘old people’.

From the very first moments of existence, Odd Duck took flight with a talented team of clothing designers, creative artists and brand builders to craft a vision for an original and colourful compression sock brand born in Canada.

Today, Odd Duck-branded compression socks are available in Canada and around the world. We took Odd Duck on the road less travelled, and a committed vision for excellence has made all the difference.

every day is an Odd Duck day