Where can I buy Odd Duck compression socks?
You can conveniently buy Odd Duck in person at locations listed on our contact page. Do you know of a retailer who would be interested in selling Odd Duck? Talk with us!

Why are Odd Duck compression socks so gosh darn comfy?
Inspired by the fluffiest kitties, we needed our socks to be great to wear all day, every day. A blend of fibres (15% Lycra, 20% Spandex, 65 nylon) makes Odd Duck the sock it is today.

How do I order Odd Duck compression socks for my retail store?
Please contact us. Although we're very selective about how and where consumers can find our brand, we would love to chat about your business and how we can get our socks to those who need them.

How do I clean my Odd Duck compression socks?
Treat Odd Duck compression socks like you treat your most delicate clothes. Wash gently in cool water with some detergent and hang to dry. Don't throw in any nasty chemicals, bleaches or weird things in an attempt to make the socks cleaner.

How do I put on and take off my socks?

  1. Reach into your sock and grab the heel. Pull the heel until it’s outside of the sock.
  2. Insert your toes until your heel is snugly in the heel of the sock.
  3. Gently move your sock up your leg, starting with your ankle. Make sure it doesn’t bunch up.
  4. Adjust the sock as needed to ensure there are no wrinkles – smooth out the sock with your hands.
  5. To remove your sock, hold the top with both hands and peel it down to the heel. Gently remove.