The Difference

Odd Duck compression socks are designed to make you look and feel great, while not costing so much that you need a second mortgage just to afford a pair.

Why do I need Odd Duck compression socks?

So, you’ve never worn compression socks before and want to know why you’re being encouraged to wear them.

 There are so many reasons, it’s crazy: (Here are some, in no particular order.)

  • If you’re walking or running they’ll help to keep your legs from aching
  • If you’re standing with little movement (e.g. nurses, flight attendants, bank tellers), they will help to pump blood back to your heart
  • If you’re sitting with little movement they’ll help to keep your blood flow in your legs. (e.g. office assistants, accountants, truck drivers.)
  • If your feet are swollen, compression socks will help to lessen the swelling. Odd Duck compression socks assist mild swelling – if you have severe swelling do NOT wear Odd Duck compression socks until after speaking with your doctor.
  • If you have unsightly varicose veins or would rather not have them, Odd Duck compression socks will help to mitigate enlarged/twisted veins.
  • If you have aching legs, Odd Duck compression socks will help to ease the pain.

Please speak with your doctor before wearing Odd Duck compression socks if you have a history of health issues, severe swelling, blood flow concerns or if your circumstances are beyond regular everyday uses.

The Science Behind the Socks
Odd Duck compression socks (or ‘compression stockings’, as they’re also known as) use a special blend of materials to gently apply pressure around the ankle and up the calf to improve blood flow. We use a precise combination of quality new materials – Lycra, Spandex and nylon – to make this happen.

Odd Duck compression socks are all classified as ‘Class 1’ (15–20 mmHg) compression socks, which means that the compression rating is in the moderate range and great for everyday use. Compression ratings can go as high as 50 mmHg, but usually anything over 30 mmHg requires doctor’s advice since applying too much pressure may do more harm than good.

But alas, science isn’t perfect. Odd Duck compression socks may not perfectly fit you since your legs are different than your friend’s legs, even though you may take the same shoe size. Trying a different sock size may help.

Odd Duck’s Exclusivity

Plain black, grey or white are boring. You won’t find boring here. We’re fun, we know that you’re fun and you want your socks to be fun too. That’s why we’ve developed exclusive bold designs into our innovative compression socks that will make compression socks fun, stylish and beneficial for your body every day.

We look different and we act different. We’re odd…in a good way.