bright blue compression sock available in canada. Side view.
Royale Rhythm (blue pattern) Compression Socks (15-20mmHg) - just below the knee

Royale Rhythm (blue pattern) Compression Socks (15-20mmHg) - just below the knee

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Don’t feel blue; let this hue brighten your day! Follow the pulse of the beat as the design gently compress your calves for comfort worthy of the most discriminating of sock enthusiast. The bright blue and azure/sky blue colour with the white pattern sure stands out!

Odd Duck compression socks have a graduated compression rating of 15–20 mmHg, which is considered moderate and designed to improve blood circulation for everyday use.

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What's the Big Deal with Odd Duck?
Quality - Odd Duck compression socks are made with a combination of the best materials to hold up to the rigours of everyday use, whether you’re sitting, standing or on the go. Made with 15% Lycra, 20% Spandex and 65% nylon. We’ve designed Odd Duck socks to stretch to just below the knee to give exceptional compression up your calf.

Bold – We could have designed plain black, boring white or ho-hum beige socks, but our competitors have already been doing that for years. We have bold colours and designs combined in fun ways that will brighten up life wherever you go. 

Comfortable - Slip into Odd Duck compression socks and have all-day comfort, decreased aching, reduced leg ‘tiredness’ and many other health benefits, like a lessened chance of varicose veins. Our compression socks improve blood flow from your foot up your calf to give your legs energy and feel better.

Affordable – Yes, we could sell compression socks for $40, $50 or even $60 a pair. And some businesses do. But we respect you more than you know and we don’t want to put obstacles in your path to comfort, health and happiness.

Odd Duck is Made for You!
Our compression socks are specially created for those who are on their feet a lot (nurses, cashiers, postal workers), sit a lot (airline passengers, office workers), stay fit a lot (joggers, cyclists) and are pregnant a lot (women, mostly).

About Odd Duck International
We’re proudly Canadian. Products are designed and distributed around the world from Canada, with a five-year plan to also have all socks produced right here in crazy Canada. 

Please Take Care
Even though all Odd Duck compression ratings are moderate (15-20mmHg), please consult with your doctor being using if you have health issues, especially blood circulation problems. FYI: ‘millimetres of mercury’ is a measurement of pressure, used in blood pressure. 

You'll want to wear them all of the time, but please clean them regularly! Machine wash your Odd Duck socks in cold water without bleach, then hang to dry and do not iron.