Why Should I Choose to Have My Compression Socks Shipped Within Canada?

There are several benefits of Canadian shipping for customers of Odd Duck Compression Socks. Here are a few of them:

  1. Faster delivery times: Shipping within Canada can often result in faster delivery times compared to international shipping. This can be especially important for time-sensitive items or urgent orders. We ship your order within ONE business day.

  2. Lower shipping costs: Shipping within Canada can often be less expensive than shipping internationally, which will save you money on shipping fees.

  3. No customs fees or delays: Shipping within Canada eliminates the need for customs clearance, which can result in faster delivery times and lower costs.

  4. Reduced risk of lost or damaged items: Shipping within Canada can reduce the risk of lost or damaged items, as they are not subject to the same handling and customs procedures as international shipments.

  5. Support for local businesses: By choosing to ship within Canada, you can support local businesses like Odd Duck and help boost the Canadian economy.

  6. Environmentally friendly: Shipping within Canada can be more environmentally friendly compared to international shipping, as it typically involves shorter transportation distances and fewer emissions.

Choosing Odd Duck and our domestic Canadian shipping option can offer several benefits, including faster delivery times, lower shipping costs, no customs fees or delays, reduced risk of lost or damaged items, support for local businesses, and environmental benefits.