Where Can You Buy Compression Socks in London, Ontario?

Buy Compression Socks in London, Ontario

There are several physical stores in London, Ontario that sell compression socks. Here are some options:

  1. Shoppers Drug Mart - They offer a wide selection of compression socks and stockings, including brands such as Sigvaris and Jobst.

  2. London Drugs - They carry a variety of compression socks in different styles and compression levels.

  3. The Running Factory - They specialize in athletic compression socks and stockings, as well as medical-grade compression garments.

  4. Foot Foundation - They offer a range of compression socks and stockings for different needs, including medical-grade compression garments for those with circulation issues.

  5. Pharmasave - They carry a range of compression stockings and socks in different compression levels and styles.

But none of the above retail locations have premium compression socks for less than $10 per pair. Shop online for compression socks right now and you can have your order shipped to you from right here in Southwestern Ontario for fast delivery while supporting a local Canadian business.