Odd Duck Compression Socks Shipping Options Across Canada

Shipping compression socks in Canada

Odd Duck Compression Socks is an online retailer that specializes in compression socks.

They offer a variety of shipping options to their customers in Canada, depending on their location and delivery needs.

Here are some of the shipping options available for Odd Duck Compression Socks customers in Canada:

  1. Standard Shipping: Odd Duck Compression Socks offers standard shipping to all customers in Canada. This is the most affordable shipping option and usually takes between 5-7 business days for delivery. Canada Post shipping to the west coast often takes longer. (Not sure why!)

  2. Express Shipping: If you need your compression socks quickly, Odd Duck Compression Socks also offers express shipping. This option usually takes between 1-3 business days for delivery, depending on your location in Canada. Reach out to us before placing your order for options/costs.

  3. Free Shipping: Odd Duck Compression Socks also offers free shipping to customers in Canada who spend a certain amount on their order. The minimum order amount for free shipping varies depending on your location in Canada.

  4. Free Shipping #2: Odd Duck Compression Socks has a free delivery service for orders in Sarnia, Ontario, which is our 'nest'. Be sure to select this option at checkout if you live in Sarnia. 

It's important to note that shipping times and prices may vary depending on your location in Canada, the time of year, and any promotions or sales that may be happening.

Be sure to check Odd Duck Compression Socks' website for the most up-to-date shipping options and prices.